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Category: Attracting visiting tourists

The organisation of a first-class sporting event

This article by the Johan Cruyff Institute analyses the keys that have made the US Tennis Open the event with the biggest audience attendance in the world and how is the organisation of a first-class sporting event. Fundamental aspects such as brand image, sponsorship, volunteers and merchandising are covered.

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2016 Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is hosted annually by the previous year’s winning country. Hosts have one year to prepare and deliver a large scale event that attracts media attention from several hundred million of people.

Stockholm, Sweden, hosted the event in 2016 and this report summarises the city’s experience. The report was commissioned by the City of Stockholm and produced by Sweco who carried out the surveys of the visitors, the accredited press, and accredited fans and bloggers. Sweco looked at how locals perceived the event both before and after the contest. Meltwater analysed media mentions.

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The eSports Effect

This report is a compilation of the findings from an Eventbrite survey completed by more than 1500 attendees of live eSports tournaments and competitions from 2013-2014. There are interesting observations on trends and commercial opportunities and also insights into the profile of eSport event gamers. The results reveal that the eSports industry is growing fast and that fans are more and more interested in attending eSports events.

The demand for these events is greater than ever. Just as fans of traditional sports would not miss the big game, and music fans anticipate their favourite artist’s next tour, eSports fans go to live events to take part in a singular experience where they can see the best of the best in action. This passion and sense of exclusivity can translate into real revenue for developers, sponsors, convention directors and host cities.

The report suggests that gamers want more events, more often and in more places. It also concludes that live eSports event participants love to attend as many gaming events as possible and are willing to travel far and wide to attend those events. Cities can benefit from hosting eSports events in many ways, including attracting visiting tourists and engaging with young people.

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Edinburgh Festivals 2015 Impact Study

Edinburgh is internationally renowned for the annual Festival programme which it hosts. Starting with the Edinburgh International Festival in 1947, it has developed a year-round programme of Festivals which is crucial to the cultural, economic and social life of the city and its region, and of Scotland itself.

This study published in July 2016 was developed by BOP Consulting commissioned by Festivals Edinburgh and assessed the impact of the 12 Festivals. It takes a holistic approach that considers social, cultural and economic effects. The research results showed that the Festivals do not just provide great cultural experiences, but also help to increase access to culture and build wider participation and discovery among audiences.

The core festival outcomes presented and detailed in the study are:

– Cultural Impact

– Social Impact and Wellbeing

– Place-making and Identity

The sections about Wellbeing and Place-making are especially interesting as they show a not so obvious perspective of the impacts of hosting this kind of major event.

The economic impact is considered a wider festival outcome and presented in a separated report section from the core outcomes.

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Glasgow 2014 – XX Commonwealth Games Report

From winning the bid to the official results, this report shows a holistic view of Glasgow’s experience as the XX Commonwealth Games host city.

IAEH highlights differential points that made of the 2014 Commonwealth Games an outstanding event.

  • Sport Programme: Incorporated more Women’s and Para-sport events than ever before.
  • Ticketing: First Commonwealth Games to offer half-price children’s concessions. 5,000 tickets were set aside for disadvantaged children from across Scotland.
  • Human rights: Glasgow 2014 published its own approach to human rights – the first sporting mega-event organisation to do so anywhere in the world.
  • Sustainability: The first Commonwealth Games to achieve ISO 20121 status.
  • Planning: The Games was delivered on time and within its £575.6 million budget.

The full report comprising details of the Games delivery and including marketing strategy, operational planning, commercial partnerships and more is available to download here.

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Legacy of the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games

The UK Government and Mayor of London’s official report on the impacts of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, published on the 4th anniversary of the Games.

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An example of a strategy and vision for major events from EventScotland’s role in developing Scotland’s Events Industry from 2015 to 2025.


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An economic impact assessment and media exposure evaluation using a quantitative method to estimate the economic benefits and media exposure that the 2014 Prudential RideLondon festival of cycling brought to London and the surrounding areas.


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