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Düsseldorf Tourismus

Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH (DT) was established on 20 February 2001. DT sees itself as the partner and contact for Düsseldorf’s providers of tourist services and pursues the objective of positioning Düsseldorf as a tourist destination both in Germany and other countries. In conjunction with its partners in Düsseldorf, the DT develops market-suitable and target-group-specific offers, components and performances for decision-makers, multipliers and end consumers. Modern sales and communications structures are used here with the aim of enhancing awareness of the state capital of Düsseldorf both nationally and internationally and of gradually increasing the number of people travelling to Düsseldorf and staying overnight.

Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH has been a subsidiary of Düsseldorf Marketing GmbH since autumn 2017. Düsseldorf Marketing is solely owned by the state capital Düsseldorf.

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