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New members join up

Further new members have joined following the formal launch of the International Association of Event Hosts.

Updated 25th November

Maryland Sports, Events Management Queensland, Innsbruck-tirol Sports, Seattle Sports Commission, Edmonton Events, Ottawa Tourism, Calgary Sport Tourism Authority, Tourism Winnipeg, Sports Metropolis Berlin and Göteborg & Co have joined IAEH.

Maryland Sports is the Sports Commission for the State of Maryland in the USA. Events Management Queensland is a not-for-profit subsidiary of the state-owned tourism and events agency, Tourism and Events Queensland, based in the Australian Gold Coast.  Innsbruck-tirol sports GmbH was formed from the legacy of the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games 2012 in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria.  Seattle Sports Commission is the Sports Commission for Seattle, USA. Edmonton Events is a strategic partnership between the Canadian City of Edmonton and Edmonton Tourism. Ottawa Tourism is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization, working to profile Ottawa and Canada’s Capital Region. The Calgary Sport Tourism Authority is a collaboration of community leaders that work with local, national and international sport organizations to bring sport and entertainment events, as well as volunteer opportunities to the city of Calgary. Tourism Winnipeg is the official destination marketing organization for the Canadian city of Winnipeg. Sports Metropolis Berlin is a collaboration of key decision-makers and stakeholders in Berlin’s sports sector, industry and the economy. Göteborg & Co has the task of marketing and supporting the development of Gothenburg as a city of tourism, meetings and events.

Further new members will be announced soon along with plans for the next IAEH meeting in Aarhus, Denmark, at the time of the SportAccord Convention.

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