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IAEH Webinar Series

The IAEH Webinar Series covers topics of key importance to IAEH members and event hosts in general. These webinars are a great way to engage IAEH members from around the world in knowledge sharing and offer training opportunities that are tailored to the needs of professionals working in the field of major events hosting.

Environmental sustainability for major events

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Hosted by Earth to Ocean Sustainability Director Susie Tomson.

“Environmental sustainability for major events: identifying the opportunity”

Key topics covered by the webinar:
⋅ Understanding the environmental impact and opportunity from a major event
⋅ Prioritising actions
⋅ Scaling the positive impact
⋅ Real life examples: best practice cases

FIBA 3×3 from the streets to the Olympics

Members Only

Hosted by FIBA 3×3 Development Manager Robert Rieblinger.

“FIBA 3×3 from the streets to the Olympics: Hosting opportunities and specifications.”

Key topics covered by the webinar:
⋅ Brief history/overview of 3×3
⋅ Connection to Olympics/Tokyo 2020
⋅ Competition categories
⋅ RFP/host city selection process and timelines
⋅ Hosting specifications
⋅ Draft hosting budget/template

Social and Economic Impacts measurement

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Hosted by IAEH director Iain Edmondson

“Social and Economic Impacts measurement: Towards a common language based on KPIs and definitions”
Key topics covered by the webinar:
⋅ Guidance and key rules for measuring benefits
⋅ Demystifying economic impacts
⋅ Challenges and approaches to measuring social impacts

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