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The International Association of Event Hosts (IAEH) exists for representatives of international destinations to collaborate together to generate the best possible value from hosting major sporting and cultural events, and provide a voice for not-for-profit hosts of events.

IAEH provides a platform for members to learn from the successes and challenges of major events, share knowledge and generate greater long term social and economic benefits from hosting events.


  • the association’s primary aim is to generate the best possible value from public funding or resources from cities, regions or countries, and support the successful delivery of major sporting and cultural events, and associated legacy benefits, for citizens and communities across the world
  • the association is a platform for host organisations to share best, and worst, practice to enable better decision-making within cities, regions and countries, but no member is obliged to reveal information they regard as commercially confidential or proprietary
  • the association is a collective voice to represent views of host organisations over strategic issues, for example development of guidelines for cities or countries hosting international events
  • the association seeks to enhance relationships between city or country hosts and sports organisations or event owners, without interfering with individual bids
  • the association aims to have member representation from every continent/sub-continent around the world
  • the association aims to minimise bureaucracy and cost, for example by co-locating meetings alongside existing industry events and using digital communication tools, however it operates fully independently of any one event or conference
  • the association does not aim to generate a profit from its activities, and any surplus income is reinvested to further the aims of the association

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