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IAEH membership allows representatives of not-for-profit organisations from around the world to learn from peers whilst maintaining independence, confidentiality and an environment of trust.

Membership is limited to “not-for-profit” organisations involved in hosting events, including

  • City, region or country government authorities
  • City, region or country tourism organisations
  • Sport or Cultural Commissions

Representatives of organisations becoming members of IAEH benefit from;

  • Participation in regular confidential meetings taking place alongside, but independent of, relevant industry events
  • Participation in an annual summit including a formal and social programme focusing on the development of key issues for members
  • Input into, and access to, regular independent “white papers” on topics of value to members (for example funding, strategic planning, event marketing and communication, population integration, legacy for cities)
  • Access to relevant research reports and publications from members and endorsed industry experts from a variety of jurisdictions
  • Online directory of the membership with quarterly newsletter updates
  • Opportunities to develop partnerships to cross-promote events between member destinations
  • Opportunity to participate in the development of future industry training resources

Click HERE to access the membership application form and for membership enquiries please contact Olga Correia at




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