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Global Events and Local Development

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) approved and adopted a set of recommendations for leveraging local benefits from global events.

The OECD Council meeting at Ministerial level adopted the proposed guidance on 30 May 2018. The guidance aims to provide a comprehensive overview of conditions required to realise more sustainable global events, more effective delivery mechanisms and to build stronger capacities to leverage local benefits.

The guidance sets out a number of measures that OECD Members and Non Members should consider so that global events serve as catalysts for local development, including:

  • develop and implement a tailored framework for global events that leverages local economic, social and environmental benefits that applies throughout the event life-cycle;
  • evaluate the global event with a view to assess its impact, legacy and ultimate contribution to local development and citizens’ well-being;
  • ensure effective multi-level governance, co-ordination, collaboration and institutional capacity throughout the cycle to deliver an event and its legacy; and
  • establish collaborative partner relations with international event owners to optimise the conditions for the delivery of local development outcomes.

The document was developed by the Co-operative Action Programme on Local Economic and Employment (LEED) and benefited from a large consultation process. The IAEH and other 11 institutions and networks took part and helped to draft the guidance. IAEH members have attended OECD LEED meetings and provided feedback on key issues for hosts of major sporting and cultural events.

At the 2018 IAEH Annual Forum that took place in Bangkok in April, IAEH members agreed to fully support the OECD initiative to develop and implement the Guidance.

In order to provide support to OECD Members and Non Members, the OECD will work, in the coming months, on an implementation toolkit with a particular focus on an evaluation framework for assessing the economic, social and environmental benefits and impacts of global events that is relevant to all levels of government. The IAEH continues working closely with the OECD and will support the development of the implementation toolkit.

  • Click here to access a two-page summary comprising the OECD definition of “Global Events”, rationale for developing the Recommendation, timeline and evidence base for the Recommendation and key elements of the Recommendation.
  • Click here to access the Recommendation in English.
  • Click here to access the Recommendation in French.


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