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New IAEH management structure

The group of volunteer directors who manages the IAEH has appointed, for the first time, a Chair to lead the board. Following the appointment of a Chair the directors also designed a new management structure including seven work streams.

Susan Sawbridge, founding member and director of the IAEH has been unanimously appointed to chair the board, effective in August 2019. Susan is New Zealand Major Events’ manager and acts as a volunteer director of the IAEH since 2016.

Following the new Chair position, seven work streams were created to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the IAEH’s daily activities. The aim of the new structure is to ensure that each important area of development for the IAEH is specifically assigned to a director. As a working, volunteer Board, this structure also spreads the load more evenly amongst the directors. Each IAEH director is now responsible for leading one specific area, as follows:

Susan Sawbridge, New Zealand Major Events

Lars Lundov, Sport Event Denmark
Perttu Pesä, City of Tampere
Content & Intellectual Property
Iain Edmondson, former London & Partners now Legacy Delivery ltd.
Paul Bush, EventScotland
Meetings & Education
Rick Traer, Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA)
New partnerships
Stuart Turner, Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED)
New Revenue
Alan Kidd, Sports Events and Tourism Association

The IAEH is managed by a volunteer group of directors who are appointed and approved by a simple majority of IAEH members who vote at each IAEH Annual General Meeting. The current group of directors was approved in May at the 2019 IAEH AGM in the Gold Coast.

This group works to further the objectives of the association, represent the IAEH and its members at industry’s international forums and make sure the IAEH delivers outstanding results.

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