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IAEH Virtual AGM on 8th July

Due to the restrictions caused by Covid-19, the 2020 Annual General Meeting of IAEH will be a virtual meeting on 8th July 2020 and include a presentation by Sandra Carvão (World Tourism Organisation - UNWTO) on the post pandemic future of tourism and major events.


Members should register in advance to join the Zoom meeting on 8th July at 12 noon (BST).

2019 IAEH Annual Forum – Gold Coast, Australia.


IAEH members meet every year for the IAEH Annual Forum which includes Annual General Meeting and informal networking reception for members, prospective members and partners.

The 2020 IAEH Annual forum was scheduled to take place in Beijing in April.



Due to travel and gathering restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Annual Forum had to be rescheduled. After almost two months following the developments of COVID-19, it became evident that it will not be possible to promote a face-to-face AGM and reception this year.

The IAEH administration has decided host its AGM online through Zoom and remains optimistic that smaller local meetings may still be possible later in the year.

The virtual meeting will include, in addition to the usual business of every AGM, a keynote presentation by external speaker Sandra Carvão on the post pandemic future of tourism and major events.

Sandra is Chief of Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) since June 2018. Sandra joined the World Tourism Organisation in 2003 and since then has held different strategic positions such as Chief of Communications and Publications (2010-2018) and Deputy Chief at UNWTO’s Market Trends, Competitiveness and Trade (2007-2010) when she coordinated the Tourism Resilience Committee created by UNWTO to address the impacts of the global economic crisis 2008-2009 on tourism.

The session will also allow members to engage in round table discussions about their experiences in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

This meeting is exclusive for IAEH members and cannot be joined by the general public. If you are not yet an IAEH member, email and join us!

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