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Event Hosts Workshop – Event Tech Innovation

IAEH hosts a virtual problem-solving workshop on event technology innovation in response to COVID-19.


The International Association of Event Hosts has partnered with Major Events International to organise this virtual workshop to present tech solutions to hasten a COVID-secure environment for events.

On Tuesday, 17th November 2020 at 2PM GMT, IAEH members and MEI members will come together online for this 2-hour long virtual workshop where event hosts questions will be answered by tech specialists. The questions have been grouped under three key topics:

This will be a panel discussion exploring how technology can increase your relationship with event goers. This will include strategies to engage remote audiences through content, gamification, the second screen and leveraging data.
Question and Answer session exploring how technology can assist with event space planning, crowd management and key integration points with external stakeholders, such as public transport, to help maximise efficiency for event staff and attendees.
Another panel discussion which is focusing on how technology can help solve the challenges of people returning to events whilst the world deals with the new requirements that Covid will place on events.

Members of the IAEH were invited to ask tech-related questions and point out key challenges facing event hosts and organisers in the current pandemic. Members of MEI’s Tech Sub Group, coordinated by Josh Philpot (PMY Group), will answer those questions and present real-world examples of how specific technology can help address the points raised.

This Event Hosts Workshop is tailored for IAEH members and offered on a complimentary basis to all in our network. For more information on the event, please contact



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