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The Association of Global Event Suppliers (AGES) launches the latest volume of its Practice Guide

With the increasing demands on infrastructure, the limited lead-time and the ever louder call from an increasingly sceptical public for cost effective and sustainable solutions, temporary event infrastructure –often described as event overlays – has become an indispensable factor for event organisers and city authorities.

And yet, the event suppliers’ industry has been challenged by respected commentators suggesting that “organisers often do not understand your business”. In March 2019 AGES stepped forward to take up that challenge with the publication of the “Practice Guide for the Planning, Procurement and Delivery of Temporary Infrastructure for Major Events”, Part I General Information. Development of the response has continued, and AGES now releases a second volume to the Guide, Part II Technical information.

This latest volume has been elaborated by a group of authors and overlay professionals, each with profound international experience in their field, coordinated, guided, and supervised by AGES. The Guide, as a whole, provides an inclusive, encyclopaedic reference for event organisers, building authorities, governmental bodies, students, educators and educational establishments; in fact, all those involved in event infrastructure. It offers introductory and contextual information, general information, and technical information, to become the international advisory document.

In particular, this 300-page volume includes the sections, Products, Services and Regulatory Framework, providing technical and illustrative information and references and deals with the large majority of the temporary works categories and technical services used by organisers of large events.

Each volume of the “Practice Guide for the Planning, Procurement and Delivery of Temporary Infrastructure for Major Events”, Part I General Information and Part II Technical Information is now available, at which also offers informative previews of both publications.

IAEH members interested in purchasing the Guide should contact Daniel Cordey, AGES Chairman at to receive a discount of 30%

About AGES
The Association of Global Event Suppliers (AGES) is a non-for-profit organization based in Switzerland which was formed 2014 to become the label for quality and reliability for temporary and demountable infrastructure works for major events.

The worldwide members are market leaders and front runners in the development of new products and services; each has a unique track record and outstanding work experience. Together they provide services worth over EUR 2 billion each year.

AGES wants to address the capabilities of the industry to organizers of large sports events, governmental bodies and building authorities to enhance and expand opportunities for hosting to a wider pool of venues, cities and nations; to facilitate interactions between hosts and industry, and to improve the viability, sustainability and cost effectiveness of solutions through the creative use of temporary infrastructure.

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