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Department of Sport of Taipei

The Department of Sports, Taipei City Government, was formed in the name of Track And Field Office in 1956, then was promoted to Taipei Sports Office in 2004, and finally became one of the primary administrative agencies under the supervision of Taipei City Government in 2012.

As the competent authority of sports of the capital in Taiwan, it is structured into 6 divisions with following duties:

1. To execute the policy of “ Sports for All ” to increase the population participating in regular fitness.

2 . To maintain and upgrade the sports venues and facilities for optimal utility rate.

3. To cultivate grassroots athletes, and to integrate the training programmes for outstanding competition performance.

4. To improve the profitability of sports industry. To increase the operational efficiency and satisfactory of the sport facilities.

5. To facilitate international interaction in sport and to keep up a sport-friendly image for optimal international publicity.

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