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The Sports Administration, Ministry of Education of Taiwan

The Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan) is the highest sports authority in Taiwan. It was formed in the name of the Sports Affairs Council (SAC) of the Executive Yuan on January 12, 1998. Starting January first, 2013, the SAC become the Sports Administration (SA) under the Ministry of Education as part of the government structural reform.

Over the years, the SA has devoted itself to integrating sports resources, promoting sports for all, cultivating outstanding athletes, creating a well-equipped sports environment, and expanding exchanges with the international community. Emphasis is now placed in the following items:

  1. Preparing for the National Sports Museum
  2. Establishing a Sports Development Fund
  3. Promoting Taiwan as a Sports Island
  4. Enhancing Citizens’ Swimming Competence
  5. Installing Public Sports Centers
  6. Constructing a Comprehensive Bike Path Network
  7. Upgrading Competitive Athletics Skills
  8. Reinvigorating Baseball
  9. Renovating the National Sports Training Center
  10. Striving to Host Major International Sport Events

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