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eventIMPACTS – Social Impact Toolkit

The eventIMPACTS Toolkit is intended to provide organisers and supporters of public events with some key guidance and good practice principles for evaluating impacts associated with their event. The project is backed by the UK government. Click here to access the eventIMPACTS website.

The Social Impact Toolkit available here seeks to provide the starting point for a more structured approach to the measurement of the social impacts of events. The reason for measuring social impacts can often be linked directly to the aims and objectives of the event funders. Any event organiser should wish to understand how their event impacts on the perceptions and behaviour of people (whether directly or indirectly).

eventIMPACTS has identified four areas of social impacts:

– Participation

– Volunteering & Skills

– Identity and Image

– Satisfaction

The toolkit proposes a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse the social impacts of hosting major events and provides evidence and indicators for each of the identified areas.

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