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Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games – Visitor Study

Evaluation report prepared by Culture Counts on behalf of the Queensland’s government’s office of the Commonwealth Games.

This report contains the findings of an extensive program of primary research, including 13,780 online and intercept survey responses collected from public attendees and volunteers. The methodology for evaluating the experience and expenditure of Commonwealth Games visitors involved four key components:

  1. Evaluation planning
  2. Survey development
  3. Evaluation coordination
  4. Visitor behaviour and expenditure analysis

An estimated total of 591,332 visitors attended or participated in GC2018 across nine visitor categories. Of these, 64% were locals or day-trippers, 28% were domestic overnight visitors, and 8% were overseas visitors. A total of $300 million in direct expenditure and ticket sales is estimated to have been contributed to the Queensland economy by all visitor, attendee and participant groups associated with GC2018.

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