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The eSports Effect

This report is a compilation of the findings from an Eventbrite survey completed by more than 1500 attendees of live eSports tournaments and competitions from 2013-2014. There are interesting observations on trends and commercial opportunities and also insights into the profile of eSport event gamers. The results reveal that the eSports industry is growing fast and that fans are more and more interested in attending eSports events.

The demand for these events is greater than ever. Just as fans of traditional sports would not miss the big game, and music fans anticipate their favourite artist’s next tour, eSports fans go to live events to take part in a singular experience where they can see the best of the best in action. This passion and sense of exclusivity can translate into real revenue for developers, sponsors, convention directors and host cities.

The report suggests that gamers want more events, more often and in more places. It also concludes that live eSports event participants love to attend as many gaming events as possible and are willing to travel far and wide to attend those events. Cities can benefit from hosting eSports events in many ways, including attracting visiting tourists and engaging with young people.

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