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Category: Hosting safely, securely and on budget

Major Events in the Pandemic – The experience of the 2021 America’s Cup

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As part of the 2021 IAEH AGM’s programme, New Zealand Major Events Manager Susan Sawbridge was invited to present on the experience of successfully hosting the 2021 America’s Cup amidst the pandemic. The slide deck is available to members only here.

Susan’s presentation included:
– New Zealand’s Covid-19 strategy
– America’s Cup event concept and challenges
– Event Covid-19 Management Plan
– Key takeaways for success

CERM – COVID Event Risk Model

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Presentation delivered by Peter Decuypere (VisitFlanders / EventFlanders) at the IAEH Webinar “CERM – COVID Event Risk Model” on 16th September 2020.

As multiple countries are reopening their borders, VisitFlanders Convention Bureau worked hard on a framework to safely restart its congress, meetings and events industry. In collaboration with the Alliance of Belgian Event Federations, the Expertise Centre for Public Impact KdG and the Belgian Government, VisitFlanders and EventFlanders provide three practical tools that are available free of charge and in different languages to any organiser. CERM is one of the free tools available – Click here to access CERM.

2020 IAEH AGM – UNWTO’s presentation

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Restarting tourism: the post pandemic future of tourism and major events.

Presentation delivered by Mr. Michel Julian – Senior Officer, Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness, UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), exclusive for IAEH members at the 2020 IAEH Annual General Meeting.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 IAEH AGM was held online through Zoom on 8th July 2020.



2020 IAEH Members’ Survey Full Results

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The IAEH consults its members every year to understand their experiences and expectations, key areas of interest and to make sure the activities proposed remain relevant. Thisyear, with the uncertainty of COVID-19 and its impact on events globally, the need to ensure the IAEH provides the right content, in the right format, is more important than ever.

This year, 24 out of 41 members, participated and shared their thoughts on the IAEH resources, activities and administration. The survey also included a section with questions related to the COVID-19 crisis.

This document lists the full results of the 2020 Members’ Survey.

2019-2020 IAEH Annual Report

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This report summarises the IAEH activities between April 2019 and April 2020 and includes information on current membership, current administration, and plans for 2020-2021. It also informs members on IAEH’s finance as well as budget for the year ahead.

The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide

The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide is a collective work by event industry professionals to help our peers who are planning to reopen during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. This document identifies reasonably foreseeable health risks and suggests options to mitigate them.

Published on 11th May 2020.

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Glasgow 2018 European Championships Evaluation Report

The European Championships is a new multi-sport event that was co-hosted by Glasgow and Berlin in 2018. The inaugural event incorporated the existing European Championships for athletics and combined with aquatics, cycling, gymnastics, rowing, triathlon and golf.

This study, commissioned by Glasgow City Council, is a Post event evaluation report including sporting and cultural legacy, economic impacts, social and community benefits and more.

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2019 IAEH Annual Forum Presentation

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Slides used at the 2019 IAEH Annual Forum in the Gold Coast, Australia, on 6th May, including the following sections:

– Annual Report 2018-2019
– Kerry Petersen’s (Deputy Director-General, Office of the Commonwealth Games) presentation: Maximising GC2018 Legacy Outcomes
– Iain Edmondson’s (IAEH Director) presentation on the Event Impact Standards project
– Work Plan 2019-2020
– Financial Report

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Report

The post games report of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games compiled by the office of the Commonwealth Games, Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games and published by the State of Queensland.

This report includes sections on legacy, governance and finance.

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2018 European Championships – Glasgow / Scotland Summary

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Presentation on the experiences of hosting the 2018 European Championships delivered by Billy Garrett, Director of Sport and Events, Glasgow Life, at the IAEH meeting in London in December 2018.

This presentation includes audience evaluation, broadcast, marketing & communications summary and key outputs and results.


OECD Recommendation on Global Events and Local Development

The Recommendation on Global Events and Local Development was adopted by the OECD Council meeting at Ministerial level on 30 May 2018. It aims to provide members and non-members with a comprehensive overview of the main tenets of the framework conditions required to realise more sustainable global events and more effective delivery mechanisms and to build stronger capacities to leverage local benefits.

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2017 World Masters Games – Final Report

The city of Auckland in New Zealand hosted the 9th edition of the World Masters Games between 21st and 30th of April 2017. This comprehensive report shows the results of the event through 8 different areas: governance, finance and corporate services, commercial, marketing and communications, sports and venues, games operations, volunteers, and ceremonies and events. It also includes a section on the research methodologies applied to assess different aspects of the event.

The Auckland WMG operated under key performance indicators (KPI) and three underlying contracts encompassing the achievement of specific goals. The report shows the specific KPI targets that guided all WMG2017 activity comprising athlete targets, economic benefit targets, revenue targets/break-even budget, and satisfaction targets (customers, partners and public).

Challenges related to the delivery of the event such as coordinating multiple partners and realising consistency of service from providers and the experience of participants were also presented in this report.

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Paris as host city for the UEFA EURO 2016

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In June 2016 Paris and nine other cities in France successfully hosted the UEFA EURO Football Tournament and in November, the Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Tourism & Sports, Jean-François Martins, spoke at the Host City Conference in Glasgow about the plan developed to host the major event and the lessons learned in the process.

The Local Organising Committee had the vision of making the EURO 2016 more than just another event and to make it serve as a boost to the city’s public policies. It developed a plan which considered the needs of the city and how the event could be used to accelerate and facilitate the fulfillment of those needs. As a result, actions were taken to engage all districts of the city, not only central Paris, and all Parisians, not only football fans. The mindset was of permanent attention to all stakeholders, aiming to deliver the best experience to all of them.

Paris also overcame terrorist threats and delivered a safe and secure event without undermining people’s enthusiasm. Finding the balance between excitement and security was the biggest challenge faced in hosting the EURO 2016, according to Jean-François who stated: “There was no magic, it was necessary to invest a lot of money and to have great collaboration between the national government, local public authorities, intelligence agencies, and the private sector”.

The tournament was a success and its impacts very positive; three million people visited Paris during the event; the Fan Zone by the Eiffel Tower welcomed 1.2 million visitors; a 92% satisfaction rate amongst tournament attendees was achieved and there was an increase of 6% in the number of search requests for VisitParis on Google.

The full presentation was kindly shared by Deputy Mayor Jean-François Martins and is available to download here.


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Lumiere London was a free outdoor light festival hosted across central London to transform the capital’s iconic buildings and public spaces with 30 installations from the world-class British and international artists.

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