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Nordic Event Hosts Meeting

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IAEH members Birgitte Nestande (Head of Events at Innovation Norway) and Patrik Tengwall (Head of Event Strategy at Visit Stockholm) shared on the recent success of hosting a regional meeting for event hosts from a Nordic perspective. This talk covers:

– Lessons learned from Nordic case studies
– Measuring the impact of events from a Nordic perspective
– Developing opportunities for closer collaboration between event hosts
– Feedback from organising a regional meeting
– Outcomes and benefits for event hosts
– Comparisons of national strategies for event hosting

IAEH AGM 2023 Proceedings

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The AGM of the IAEH took place on 17th June 2023. The meeting was held in Tampere, Finland- after three years of online meetings. The meeting was also made available online. The meeting was chaired by Perttu Pess (IAEH Chair) and, in addition to the AGM proceedings, the programme included guest speakers and breakout rooms discussions.

This video is the recording of the AGM proceedings including plans for the year ahead, financial forecast, and appointment of new directors.

2021 IAEH AGM – Guest Speaker Presentation – Susan Sawbridge

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Major Events in the Pandemic – the experience of the 2021 America’s Cup
15th June  2021

As part of the 2021 IAEH AGM’s programme, New Zealand Major Events Manager Susan Sawbridge was invited to present on the experience of successfully hosting the 2021 America’s Cup amidst the pandemic.

Susan’s presentation included:
– New Zealand’s Covid-19 strategy
– America’s Cup event concept and challenges
– Event Covid-19 Management Plan
– Key takeaways for success

2021 IAEH AGM – Guest Speaker Presentation – Andrew Ryan

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The Changing Landscape of Global Sport
15th June 2021

As part of the 2021 IAEH AGM’s programme, ASOIF Executive Director Andrew Ryan was invited to share insights on the landscape of IF events in the coming years.

The Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) is the umbrella organisation for the 33 sports on the summer Olympic Games programme for Tokyo 2020.

Andrew’s presentation included the following content:
– Global Trends Impacting Sports
– Future of Global Sport
– Impacts of Covid-19
– Event Impact Studies

2021 IAEH AGM Proceedings

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For the second year running, the IAEH Annual General Meeting had to be held virtually through Zoom due to restrictions caused by the ongoing pandemic.

Nonetheless, 30 representatives of 21 member organisations from 13 countries joined the virtual AGM on 15th June 2021.

This video is the recording of the AGM proceedings including plans for the year ahead, finance forecast, and appointment of new directors.


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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 IAEH Annual General Meeting was held online, through Zoom, on 8th July. The recording of the 2020 IAEH virtual AGM is available here for members-only.

The programme included:
• AGM formalities: 2020-2021 board of directors and 2020-2021 budget
• Presentation on the post pandemic future of tourism and major events delivered by guest speaker Michel Julian – Senior Officer, Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness, UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)
• Breakout room discussions (not recorded)

35 individuals, representing 24 member organisations, from 15 countries joined the virtual AGM.

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